Some Calvinist Satire. Just For Fun!

Some Calvinist satire.  Just for fun!  (I love this site):

Calvinist Researchers Complete Development Of Elect Detector

Calvinist Health Insurance Company Declares All Conditions Pre-Existing

Calvinist Church Adds Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" To Worship Rotation

Calvinist Comes Forward During Altar Call To Correct Pastor's Theology

Calvinist Dog Corrects Owner: "No One Is A Good Boy"

Calvinist Utterly Paralyzed By Number Of Choices on Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine

Calvinist Hymnal Released

Local Calvinist Suspicious Of Any Sermon Mentioning God's Love

Unconfirmed: Calvinist Laughs At Joke

San Diego Zoo Opens Cage-Stage Calvinist Exhibit To Public

FDA Approves Ritalin To Treat Hyper-Calvinism

Santa Claus Converts To Calvinism, Moves Everybody To Naughty List

Man Casually Mentions He "Chose Jesus," Calvinist Pops Out Of Nowhere To Argue With Him

Local Calvinist's Sense Of Superiority Visible From Space

New Calvinist "Choose You Own Adventure Book" Lets You Choose From One Possible Ending

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