List of Calvinist Preachers, Authors, Theologians, etc.

I found a lot more names to add to my list of known Calvinists (found in my various "How to Tell if a Church, Pastor, or Website is Calvinist" posts).  But instead of adding this huge list to all those posts, I am going to put it here, and I'll just provide a link on those posts to this one.

So here it is, a "master list" of known Calvinists to help you be careful and discerning about who you listen to and where you get your theology from.  There are plenty more Calvinists out there, but these are just the names that I ran across the most.  

These are either definite, self-professed Calvinists or "most likely Calvinists."  (I haven't heard of most of them, but it's good to know their theology before I do.)  

After finding these names in various places online, I looked up each person to see if they are Calvinist.  If they did not self-identify as a Calvinist, I tried to figure it out based on the statements of faith of the groups/churches they belong to, the books they write, the things they say or write on their blogs, if other people identify them as definite Calvinists, etc.  Also note that many Calvinists proudly claim they are part of the "Gospel-centered movement."  Or they call their theology "Biblical Christianity."  And "Doctrines of Grace."  So beware.  It sounds great but it's lies in disguise.  Of course the Bible is truth, but Calvinism's interpretation of it is not.  (It's possible that some of these could have left Calvinism over time.  So be discerning for yourselves.  And if you are a Calvinist looking for some Calvinist preachers and authors ... I'm sorry ... and you're welcome.)

[With a list of Calvinists this big, who's left? you might be wondering.  Well, here is a link to a list of people who don't support/preach Calvinism (names are at the bottom of the post).  From this list, I really like Greg Laurie and Billy Graham, though I've only watched a few things from each.  And I would add to the list Ralph "Yankee" Arnold, a pastor my husband likes to watch, who preaches against Calvinism.  And Dr. Tony Evans, the pastor we watch every Sunday as a family.  He doesn't preach directly against Calvinism per se; he just preaches Scriptural truth as it was meant to be understood and in a practical way.  And Scriptural truth understood correctly will always contradict Calvinism.  Also, a friend of mine who left her EFCA church because Calvinism took it over prefers Dr. Andy Woods, who also preaches against Calvinism.] 

First I will put the lists of known Calvinists/Calvinist websites that I already have on my "How to Tell ..." posts, and then I'll add the new names:

First list

Randy Alcorn

Thabiti Anyabwile

Tom Ascol

Voddie Baucham

Joel Beeke

Alistair Begg

Jon Bloom

Loraine Boettner

James Pettigru Boyse

John Calvin (of course)

D.A. Carson

Tim Challies

Francis Chan (commonly referred to as “Calvinist Light”)

Matt Chandler

Vincent Cheung

Ray Comfort

Tim Conway

Mark Dever

Kevin DeYoung

Mark Driscoll

Ligon Duncan

Jeff Durbin (Apologia Church)

Jonathan Edwards

John Frame

Todd Friel

Louie Giglio

Greg Gilbert

J.D. Greear

Wayne Grudem

Collin Hansen

Joshua Harris

Michael Horton

Phil Johnson

Timothy Paul Jones

Tim Keller

D. James Kennedy

Abraham Kuyper

Steve Lawson

Crawford Loritts

Erwin Lutzer

Gabe Lyons (Q conferences and website, Qideas)

John MacArthur

CJ Mahaney

Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

Al Mohler

Russell Moore

Robert Morey

Tom Nettles

Steve Nichols

J.I. Packer

Justin Peters

Arthur Pink

John Piper

David Platt

Andrew Rappaport

R.C. Sproul

Charles Spurgeon

Tullian Tchividjian

Derek Thomas

B.B. Warfield

Rick Warren

Paul Washer

James White

Doug Wilson

Herschel York (I don't know who this is but found his name on someone else's list of Calvinists)

These are the websites (not including video/YouTube websites) that definitely are/most likely are Calvinist (many of the websites that pop up on the first page of search results in any online theological search are Calvinist):
The Gospel Coalition
Acts 29
9 Marks
White Horse Inn
Desiring God
Wayne Grudem
Got Questions (Found plenty of Calvinist articles and authors here) (John MacArthur's Grace To You, a.k.a. "Grace To Few")
Albert Mohler
Reformation 21
Tim Keller blog (Alpha and Omega Ministries, James White, FYI: Apologia Studios is listed as related to aomin)
Greenbaggins.wordpress blog
Monergism blog (Tim Challies)
Reclaiming the Mind
Ligon Duncan's blog
The Cripplegate
The Resurgence (I found this in a list, not sure what the actual name of the blog is.  The Resurgence Report?)
Pyromaniacs  (Phillip Johnson)
Josh Harris ( (Tullian Tchividian)
Reformed Theology
Ed Stetzer (I'm not sure if he is or not.  Look it up yourself.)
Adrian Warnock (he writes at (Blog & Mablog, Douglas Wilson)
J.D. Greear
Truth for Life (Alistair Begg) (Andrew Rappaport)
Grace Online Library
The Aquila Report (Erwin Lutzer) (Stand to Reason)
Naomi's Table Bible Studies
Women with the Master
Solid Food Resources
The Bible Thumping Wingnut 
The End Time
Tulips & Honey
The Verity Fellowship
Women Under Grace
Delivered by Grace
Just Thinking
WWUTT/pastorgabe (After looking up "predestination" and "election" on this site and reading some of the articles, it appears that some are not-too-Calvinist and some are quite Calvinist, but in a "softened" way.  Just my opinion.  I would call it a "soft Calvinist" site.  So be discerning.) and almost anything else with "reformed" in the title
Almost anything with Calvinist in the title (unless it's a site against Calvinism)

Blogs listed with Calvinist site, The Gospel Coalition:
Between Two Worlds and Evangelical History (Justin Taylor)
Christ is Deeper Still (Ray Ortlund)
DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed (Kevin DeYoung)
Pure Church (Thabiti Anyabwile)
Wit's End (Melissa Kruger)
Kingdom People (Trevin Wax)
Heavenward (Scotty Smith)
The Gospel-Driven Church (Jared C. Wilson)
Ordinary Pastor (Erik Raymond)
For the Love of God (D.A. Carson)

New List of Calvinists (some are long dead):
Augustine (who Calvin based his theology on)
Danny Akin
Jason K. Allen
Sam Allberry
Wendy Alsup
Aaron Armstrong
Matt Barrett
Josh Buice
Matt Boswell
Anthony Bradley
Jerry Bridges
Mike Bullmore
Wade Burleson
Rosaria Butterfield
William Carey
Anthony Carter
Matt Carter
Bryan Chapell
Brian Croft
Leonce Crump
Robert Dabney
Carl Ellis
Zack Eswine
Sinclair Ferguson
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Gloria Furman
Timothy George
John Gill
Graeme Goldsworthy
Darrell Harrison
Susan Heck
Justin Holcomb
Gabriel Hughes
Tim Hurd
Ken Jones
Martin Lloyd-Jones
Timothy Paul Jones
Greg Koukl
Ted Kluck
John Knox
Melissa Kruger
Mike Leake
Shai Linne
Martin Luther (wasn't a follower of Calvin, but had similar beliefs)
Debi Martin
Eric Mason
Conrad Mbewe
Daniel Montgomery
Douglas Moo
Iain Murray
Tommy Nelson (Denton Bible Church)
Trillia Newbell
Dane Ortlund
Ray Ortlund
John Owen
Darrin Patrick
Ben Peays
Jackie Hill Perry (most likely)
David Powlison
Elizabeth Prata
Eric Raymond
Eric Redmond
Tony Reinke
Ron Rhodes (Reasoning From The Scriptures) 
J.C. Ryle
Scott Sauls
Tom Schreiner
Matt Smethurst
James K.A. Smith
Scotty Smith
Sam Storms
Owen Strachan
Allie Beth Stuckey
Joni Eareckson Tada
Justin Taylor
Steve Timmis
Joe Thorn
Bob Thune
Paul Tripp
Ted Tripp
Carl Trueman
Jeff Vanderstelt
Kevin Vanhoozer
Bruce Ware
Trevin Wax
George Whitefield
Don Whitney
Warren Wiersbe
Jen Wilkin
Jared C. Wilson

And I found plenty of Calvinist musicians and song-writers, many who write some of the songs we sing in church.  But I'll leave it to you to find them for yourselves, if you're interested.

And I just have to say ... all this writing I do against Calvinism, all the time and energy I spend researching it ... this is what happens when a dogmatic Calvinist pastor invades your previously-wonderful/biblical/trustworthy church (where you raised your family over the last 20 years) and starts "reforming" it ... and you try to warn the elders about what's happening, to share your concerns with them, but no one will listen to you ... and so you have no choice but to leave the church and shake the dust off your feet ... and since they wouldn't listen, you decide to put it all online to help those who might want to be helped.  
So ... thank you to the sneaky Calvinist pastor who covertly set about reforming our church and to our Calvinist elders who wouldn't listen to us.  If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have written any of this!

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