Why I Hate Calvinism So Much!

Wanna know why I hate Calvinism so much?

Watch a few of these songs.  Listen to the words.  Think about how much Jesus sacrificed for us.  The incredible price He paid.  The love, grace, forgiveness, help, healing, and salvation He died to give us.  How true hope and life is found only in Him.

Oh, What Love by The City Harmonic

I Am by Crowder

Hallelujah Christmas by Cloverton

Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle  (God draws everyone to Him.  He calls everyone to come out of death and into life!  Will we listen?  Will we respond?)

Fell Apart by The City Harmonic

Confession (Agnus Dei) by The City Harmonic  (Calvi-Jesus did not take away the sins of the world, but of just a few people.  But the Jesus of the Bible did!  And that's why I love Him!)

Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North

And then think about how Calvinism destroys all of this.  How it teaches that most people will never ever be able to find hope and life and healing.  Think about how it destroys God's love and grace, teaching that it's very small and limited, only for a very few people.  Think about how it destroys God trustworthiness, teaching that He calls all people to repent and believe while making it impossible for most people to repent and believe but then He punishes them for not repenting or believing.  Think about how it minimizes Jesus's sacrifice, teaching that Jesus left the comforts of heaven to come down here to die a horrible, violent death on the cross, a death He didn't deserve, so that He could give hope and life to only a very few people.  

And everyone else is out of luck.  Destined to be broken and hopeless forever.  Destined to suffer eternal torment in hell for being the unbelieving sinners God caused them to be.  Because Jesus didn't die for them.  Because God didn't love them.  Because He created them specifically so that He could hate them and send them to hell.  Because it pleased Him.  Because He gets glory for it.

Most people never had the chance.  Never had any hope of eternal life.

If that's the kind of God Calvinists say He is ... no wonder there are so many atheists!

Sorry (not sorry), Calvinists ... It's nothing personal.  You're just wrong.  Horribly wrong.  And I will NOT let you get away with doing your horrible damage to my amazing Jesus.  To my incredible God.  To the wonderful Gospel which is saving truth for everyone.

It breaks my heart to see the damage you do.  The lies you spread, disguised as truth.

But thankfully, Calvinism is NOT the Gospel.  Calvinism's god is NOT the God of the Bible.  (That's why I gave him the name "Calvi-god".)

Calvi-god is a monster who hates most people, who created them specifically so that he could damn them to hell, and who gets glory for causing sin, evil, and unbelief.

But the God of the Bible truly loves all people, sent Jesus to die for all people, and offers salvation and hope and healing and grace and forgiveness to all.  He wants all people to be saved, to believe in Him, and He makes it possible for all people to be saved and to believe in Him.  But He lets us choose.  And in the end, He will give us what we wanted: life with Him or life without Him.  But He is always calling to all people, loving all people, pursuing all people, ready to pull anyone out of death and into life if only they will reach up and grab His hand.

Calvinists can have their monster Calvi-god, but I choose the God of the Bible.  THAT is the God I love and trust and worship and serve.  That is the Jesus I can't wait to spend eternity with!

Holy (Wedding Day) by The City Harmonic  

(Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!)

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