Exposing Calvinism: The last Soteriology 101 comments

Here are some last comments from Calvinists and non-Calvinists that I will repost from the Soteriology 101 post "Frustrated by the state of the world?"  (I made minor corrections for better grammar/clarity): Roland (Calvinist) said : A non-elect individual could have non-saving faith in God but not saving faith or faith that leads to repentance… And in another place, Roland said: … there is not one prominent Calvinist who is teaching that "a sinner cannot receive the gift of faith because ‘not one single impulse can come to pass within a human being’s brain unless Calvin’s God specifically decrees it [as non-Calvinists say Calvinism teaches]’." My reply: A Calvinist would have to say that ultimately God is the determining factor/cause in why the non-elect are not saved, right?   It was His decision.   His actions.   But how does He ensure that the non-elect do not get saved?   Is it just by not offering them the gift of faith [something Roland said]?   Or does He d

The City Harmonic's Songs - "Fell Apart" and "Praise the Lord"

The City Harmonic will always be my favorite band.  I owe them a lot.  They are a huge part of why I didn't give up on life when I was going through my worst years ever.  In heaven, they're gonna be some of the first people I hug and say "Thank you" to.   Here are two songs I love from them: Fell Apart (One of the best opening lines ever: "Put me back together, I fell apart."  Can anyone else relate?) Praise the Lord    (This really is a key in getting through the hard times with your faith intact: Praise the Lord.  Sometimes, it's the only way you can "win" the battle.)

Is Calvinism's TULIP Biblical? (Perseverance of the Saints)

  5.  Perseverance of the Saints (This is the last part of the TULIP posts.  For the whole TULIP post,  click here .) I agree with Calvinists in principle on this point, but not in practice or for the reasons they say.    This point basically boils down to “you can’t lose your salvation” (the only part I agree with).    They believe that (and here’s where I stop agreeing with them) the Elect can never lose their salvation because if God predestined them for heaven and causes them to believe, then He will also cause them to persevere in the faith all the way to the end of their lives.    This  sounds  good and brings Calvinists a lot of comfort in their “eternal security.”    But there’s a problem: This is only  IF  they are truly one of the Elect, and Calvinists cannot know for sure whether or not  they themselves  are truly one of the Elect … until they see if they persevered in the faith all the way to the end of their lives.    Kinda puts them in a bind, doesn’t it, having to wait t