Calvinist Bad Logic #5: Does God Love "All" People?

Bad Logic #5:  Calvinists say that if God really loved all people then He would save all people.  But since He doesn't save all people, it must mean He doesn't love them all in the same way.  They say this because they assume that God's love has to ALWAYS end in saved people.  And so therefore, according to them, God only really loves those He saves and only really saves those He truly loves.(Can you see the philosophizing going on here?)

And so then to make the verses about God "loving everyone" fit with Calvinism, they redefine "God's love" by breaking it into two types of love: a "save your soul" kind for the elect and a "gives you food and water while you're alive" kind for the non-elect.  (And God's grace is along the same lines.  Calvinists LOVE the idea of grace.  They talk about it all the time.  But they don't mean that God gives grace to all people.  They mean that God gives grace - saving grace - to only a f…

Calvinist Bad Logic #4: God's Foreknowledge of Man's "Choice"

Bad Logic #4:  Calvinists believe that God foreknowing that something bad would happen but choosing not to stop it is basically the same thing as Him preplanning, ordaining, causing it to happen.

So to them, it's not that a person made their own choice to murder, that God knew it would happen, allowed it to happen, and worked their bad choice into His plans.  It's that because God foreknew the person would murder and He didn't stop them from doing it, then He "ordained" it to happen (He wanted it to happen, He preplanned that it would happen, locked it in so that nothing else could happen) and the person had no choice but to do what God "ordained."

They believe God basically works the circumstances out to cause us to sin the way He planned/wants us to sin, by giving us the sinning nature that has the sinful desires He wants us to have and by surrounding us with the circumstances that cause us to carry out the sin He planned for us to do.  It all happens j…

Calvinist Bad Logic #3: Proving God Causes Sin?

Bad Logic #3:  To support their idea that God causes all things, even sin, Calvinists will bring up verses about God causing bad events, such as a natural disaster or famine, "proving" that God also causes sin.
But this is bad logic because causing a natural disaster is nothing like causing sin.  If God causes a natural disaster, He is not causing something that He commanded us not to do.  But if He causes sin, then He is causing us to do something He commands us not to do.  And this is illogical and inconsistent with His character, and it turns Him into the cause of all sin, and it makes Him unjust for causing the sins He then punishes us for.  You cannot put causing natural disasters on the same level as causing sin.  Two totally different things!
They’ll also bring up God causing wars (such as when He used Assyria to war against Israel as punishment, but then He turned around and punished Assyria for warring against Israel) to say “See, God causes all things that happen, ev…

Calvinist Bad Logic #2: When A Calvinist Says "Ordains"

Bad Logic #2:  A Calvinist will use the word "ordains" to say something like "God ordains everything that happens in your life."  Many of us will hear that and think they're saying that God knew what would happen and chose to allow it, even if it was a bad thing.

But what a Calvinist really means by "ordains" is "preplanned and causes," that God preplans and causes everything to happen the way it does ... that He even "ordains" any childhood abuse you went through, for His glory and for your good and because He knew what it would take to keep you humble.  That it was God's “Plan A” for your life!

This is what my Calvinist pastor preached one day.  This is Calvinist theology!

Now replace "ordains" with "preplanned and caused" to see what Calvinists really believe: That God caused any childhood abuse you went through, for His glory and for your good and to keep you humble.  That it was His “Plan A” for your life,…

Calvinist Bad Logic #1: Never Let A Calvinist Define The Terms!

I want to share an important warning when talking with Calvinists.  And I'll do this by giving you an example, calling it "Bad Logic #1 (Numbers are in no particular order, though):

Bad Logic #1:  Calvinists say that when Adam ate the fruit, mankind became "totally depraved," which, to Calvinists, means that humans can't possibly think about God, seek God, want God, or believe in God on their own, unless God makes them do it.
(And they say He will only do it for the "elect."  And the non-elect can NEVER find Him because He won't cause them to find Him because He predestined them for hell.)
They compare spiritual death to physical death, saying that a spiritually-dead person is as dead as a dead body, and that since a dead body can't do anything but helplessly lay there all dead then God has to be the one to cause the dead person to seek Him and believe in Him.  Because "dead bodies" can't do anything on their own.
(Yeah, well, if they…

Intro to the "Calvinist Bad Logic" Series (with links)

(In this "Calvinist Bad Logic" series, I will be breaking up "When Calvinism's 'Bad Logic' Traps Good Christians" into smaller, bite-sized posts.  It will take up all of December.  To find all the posts in this series, click on the "'Calvinist Bad Logic' Series" label in the side-bar on this blog.) 

Calvinism ... I'm just gonna come right out and say it ... is built on bad logic.  Really, really bad logic!
Calvinism is not build solidly on Scripture as it was written; it's built on their own presumptions, assumptions, and misconceptions about who God is and how they think He has to act in order to be the kind of "sovereign" God they think He is.  It's built on their own ideas of what verses must mean if they perceive God to be a certain way, totally missing what the verse is really saying because God is really not the way they think He is.
Calvinism is about as stable as building a house of cards on a foundation of J…