Why Is Calvinism So Dangerous? (updated heavily)

Because it teaches the opposite of what the Bible teaches!

(FYI: If you only read one Anti-Calvinism post of mine, I think it should be this one.  But I'm warning you that this post is long.  Very long.  So pack a lunch and bring a sleeping bag.  But it has to be long because Calvinism is so deceptively convoluted that it takes time to peel off the layers so that you can see it for what it really is.  My hope is that with this one post, I can demonstrate the deceptiveness of Calvinism and show you how it contradicts the Word. Of course, this is only scratching the surface, but I want to give enough that you can learn to identify where and how Calvinism goes wrong, and the damage it does to God's character and truth.  That's why this post is so "full."  And for fun, I added a bunch of meme links.  Because they're too good to not share.  And you can find lots more by clicking on the "meme links" label on this blog.  For the original, non-updated versio…