UGW #9a: "Name It and Claim It" Nonsense

Understanding God's Will #9a:
(There are no "Calvinism" updates added to this post):

How come some prayers don’t seem to work, even when you believe that it’s God’s Will?And how long do you keep praying for something (especially when it’s a painful issue) when God seems to not be listening or answering (this will be answered in a later post)?
Boy, I tell you, I struggle with this one all the time.I want something so bad sometimes (even something that’s good and beneficial), and I pray earnestly for it.And when it doesn’t happen, I struggle with why my prayers aren’t getting things done.

When we were considering a possible adoption (of a baby of a relative who was possibly going to give her up), I was reading a book that basically taught the “name it and claim it” idea.If I felt like I could “hear” God’s answer in prayer, then I just had to claim it and cling to it in faith, until it happened.Despite any appearances to the contrary.If I had enough faith to continue to cling t…

Leaving Calvinism: Free to Decide

Free to Decide: Confessions of a Former Calvinistby Brandon Cox

This pastor tells us honestly how he was influenced into Calvinism, how it affected his ministry and pride, and how he came out of Calvinism.  

He also shows us how all the points of Calvinism hinge on each other, making it stable in itself but fragile if any one of those points should be disproven.  (Calvinism, I believe, hinges on Total Depravity and a wrong view of God's sovereignty.  And therefore, they will guard these doctrines with all they've got, which is what gives rise to all their word games, mind games, twisted verses, double meanings, etc..)

I appreciate that he took the time to share his story of how Calvinism gets entrenched, as well as how people can come out of it.  (I still have hope for those at my ex-church.)

I think this line says a lot:  "Formerly I had sought proof of Calvinism, now I simply wanted God's answers to my deepest questions."

If more Calvinists adopted this principle, a…

End Times #7: Hell is a Real Place

Deep down, I hope all of this chaos (the virus, the riots, the fires, etc.) are signs that Jesus is on His way back really soon.  But until that happens, I'm just taking it easy.  Simplifying everything that can be simplified.  Staying away from the news.  And just trying to get through each day with my eyes on the Lord.  

(I've been rereading Just Give Me Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for simple messages of hope.  And I am reading the Lord of the Rings series for fun.  It's been so nice to get lost in Middle-earth for awhile each day.  And I find a lot of encouragement in this sweet woman's testimony - her writing and new YouTube videos - at Our Healing Moments.  And yesterday, for church, we watched this sermon from Tony Evans: A Challenge to Prioritize Your Priorities.  It's not about the crisis the world is going through right now, but it's still good and timely.  Especially if we are headed into the end times.  Getting …

UGW #8: Advice About Prayer

Understanding God's Will #8:
(I am combining three posts - 8a, 8b, 8c - into one post here.)

8a.  If praying for God’s Will is necessary, then do I have to know the specifics of what to ask for?How do we pray so that His Will gets done?

(This is just some of my own thoughts and advice on prayer.)

I think that it’s okay to ask for certain things and to make specific requests, but I also think that God doesn’t always need us to know exactly what to ask for.Because it’s not always about how we want Him to act or answer.God knows the best course of action, so we don’t have to have the details all ironed out before we pray.But we do need to pray.We need to share our concerns with Him and give them over to Him, to be transparent and authentic with Him, to confess our sins, to honestly share our wants and needs, to be sensitive to the Spirit, and to ask for His providence, His wisdom, and His guidance.And we should be asking Him to help us know what to pray - so that when He does impress upo…