Testimony #2: Kyle - "Suicidal Atheist Finds Jesus"

Instead of reading the depressing news lately, I've been spending some time listening to hope-filled, truth-filled, uplifting testimonies from other Christians online.  It's been far too long since I've heard some good, godly, inspiring life-stories from other believers.  And we could all use every little bit of hope and inspiration and goodness we can get right now.  
I really enjoy hearing people's testimonies of when and how they came to the Lord.  I like when they let us deep into their worlds, into their hearts, giving us a full picture of how they were before, what drew them to Jesus, how it affected them, etc.  And this guy's shares it all, from the heart.  I really enjoyed it.  
Suicidal Atheist Finds Jesus (22 minutes long, and totally worth it!)  
And here is the video of his wife's baptism (the YouTube channel these videos are on is hers).  It's beautiful.
[And fyi, linking to someone's testimony does not necessarily mean I know about or condone …

UGW Question 2: Cause vs Allow

"Understanding God's Will" Question 2:

2.Well, what about verses like Proverbs 16:4: “The Lord works out everything for his own end ... ”Doesn’t this mean that He causes everything that happens for His own reasons?

I don’t think that’s what it means.It doesn’t say He causes everything that happens for His own reasons; it says He works them out for His own ends.(I’ll break this down further in later posts.)  God has an end goal, and He knows how to take whatever we do and work it together to reach that end.But this doesn’t necessarily mean that He causes us to do what we do for His own reasons (because if He did then He would be responsible for our sins, not us) or that He causes the tragedies that we face for a reason.

Now keep in mind as you read this series that I am not challenging the whole “Everything happens for a reason” idea for those who face trials in the quiet, optimistic assurance that there is some deep, unknown reason for their trial or tragedy.  For those who…