Calvinist Hogwash #5: Rejoicing about hell

(Some of these quotes might've better fit the  "hell and justice"  post, but I didn't find them in time, so I put them here.) Some Calvinists seem to think that it's most God-honoring to rejoice about hell, to celebrate the fact that Calvi-god predestines non-elect people to hell to show off his justice, for his glory.  They  sensationalize the glory of it all and say that it's better for the elect that there are people in hell.   They say that if God gets glory by predestining people to hell [they're wrong!], then it's wrong to get upset about it.      Of course, most Calvinists don't go to that extreme, but it's quite sickening when they do.   C. Matthew McMahon  ( The Two Wills of God ,  pg 349 ):  " The saints should delight in the reprobation of the wicked... We come to understand and praise God concerning the damnation of other people.  We understand that we could have been what they are.  We contemplate their eternal destiny, and bo