Starting the new school year with Creation vs. Evolution

This post (from my other blog that I still occasionally add posts to:  Heather's Garden and Home ) doesn't have anything to do with Calvinism, but it does very much have to do with faith.  Nobody else has to see it the way I do, but I am adding this here because it's important to consider where you stand on this issue, an issue many of us put on the back burner.  I bet part of the reason our churches are in such a mess is because we Christians have compromised God's Word from the very beginning, choosing to believe that God didn't mean what He said the way He said it in Genesis, altering God's Word to fit and incorporate men's ideas, thereby making man the authority on truth, over God.  No wonder our churches are so lukewarm and compromising and lost today!   And I don't know about you, but I could use a little boost to encourage and strengthen my faith, considering what a hopeless mess this world is right now.  So here it is (and once again, I'm not

My Replies to Someone Defending Calvinism (A Little Bit of Everything)

I’m adding this to get the most use out of some replies I made to a post someone wrote.   Recently, I read where someone says he is not a Calvinist and disagrees with much of it, but then he defends the idea of tolerating it and learning from it, encouraging people to read more Calvinist authors.   I will not link to the actual post (I don’t know if he wants his article called out like this), but I will highlight some of what he said (paraphrased) and give my responses. Let me start by saying that I appreciate that he is trying to be gentle, loving, and tolerant to those whom he disagrees with.   His heart is in the right place.   And there is definitely some good in that.   But in the name of being gentle, loving, and tolerant, he is encouraging the tolerance/spread of an unbiblical theology.   And that is not right, no matter how “loving” it may seem.  Error needs to be exposed, resisted, corrected, not tolerated or supported or found middle ground with. He starts his article by sa

"Hallelujah" and "The Champion"

 And for this last post, I think I'll end it on a hopeful note: "Hallelujah" (Newsboys) And a triumphant note: The Champion (Carman) And for easy reference, here is my post: "Leaving you with links to Anti-Calvinism posts" And I may be adding a few random posts over at my other blog, Heather's Garden and Home .  I'd like to write about the books I read, if I get around to it.  (But my keyboard isn't working so well these days.) May God bless your 2022!   [And ...  Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!]

"Atheism, World Religions, and Christianity"

Since I spent a lot of time editing my "Atheism and World Religions" Bible Study post (to send it to a relative in jail who shares what I send with others on the same floor), I figured I'd post it here too, to make the time I spent on it more worth it.  (There are "questions for discussion" at the end of the original post, click here to find them.).  Okay, so here we go: Christianity isn’t always a shiny, happy, “everything goes smoothly and life’s always great” kind of faith.  It can be messy, painful, and difficult.  Many of us believers may someday find ourselves in a deep pit of despair, struggling with heartache, doubt, fear, desperately seeking assurance and reasons to keep clinging to Jesus, for evidence that our faith is resting on something solid, that we weren’t fooling ourselves all this time but that the Bible is really true, that God is really real, that He cares about us and can be trusted, that He is watching over us, that someday we’ll be with H