Memes From "The Last Of The Anti-Calvinism Memes For Now"

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(Do you know what their answer to that is?  "Because it brings God glory when we fight against those things that He's causing for His glory."  Insane!)

(Ahh, just cracking myself up here!)

Saying goodbye ...

How a Calvinist feels ...

I know, I know, some low blows in some of the memes I've made.  But scold me later, 'cuz I'm having too much fun for now!

I know some will take offense to these, saying it's too harsh that I'm calling Calvinism heresy and lies and whatnot.  But I am trying to speak out against a movement that's even harsher, even more destructive.  Eternally destructive.  And it's hitting very close to home right now because we just left our church because of our new pastor's dogmatic Calvinist preaching.  I've had enough of it!

And besides, what would you call it when the Bible says that God loves all people, that Jesus died for all people, that God expects us to seek Him in order to find Him, that God wants everyone to come to Him and salvation is available to all, and that we are responsible for our choices ... and yet Calvinism says that God only loves the elect, that Jesus only died for the elect, that no one can seek God unless God makes them seek Him, that no one can be saved except those God has prechosen, that we can't make any decisions on our own, and that God causes us to sin or to be an unbeliever but still holds us accountable for it?  

What would you call that?  If that's not heresy ... destructive lies! ... then I don't know what is!

So ... no ... I'm not sorry for calling Calvinism "heresy."  

And sadly, it's a heresy I think many good, godly people get sucked up into because they are taught this is how to honor God's "sovereignty" and "glory."  And yet in order to honor His "sovereignty" and "glory," they are willing to spread the idea that Jesus didn't die for everyone, that God would predestine most people for hell with no chance of salvation, that we can't seek God, and that He would cause sin and unbelief but punish us for it.     

Remarkable!  The damage they do to God's truth and character and to Jesus's sacrifice, all in an effort to try to uphold God's "sovereignty" and "glory," in the way Calvinism says they must.  It's such a dangerous heresy because it's so "godly" sounding - so appealing to good people who are trying to live a humble, God-honoring, Christian life - that they never even notice it's full of poison.  (Actually, Calvinists are incredibly good as hiding the ugly parts of Calvinism.  They preach the parts we can all agree on, but their hidden underlying views change it completely.  See "Confronting Calvinism's Deceptive Nonsense.")

Satan barely even needs to lift a finger in some churches to try to destroy God's Truth and people's faith and hope, not when well-meaning Calvinists are effectively doing his job for him!

So once again ... Not Sorry!  

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