Some Great Anti-Calvinism Videos

I don't necessarily agree with everything in the things I link to, but they are definitely worth watching ...

Truth vs. Heresy (Christianity vs. Calvinism) - a little goofy and robotic, but interesting look at some of the nonsensical Calvinists arguments

Hitler and Calvinism - Love it!  Love it!  Love it!

Greg Boyd - Calvinism Refuted in 10 Minutes - Excellent!  MUST WATCH!!!  And he makes a great point about how Calvi-god is basically worse than the devil because at least the devil is honest about who he is, and so you know what you're getting with him!  But not so with Calvi-god!

Man Saved Out Of Calvinism Gives Testimony

Questions That Calvinists Cannot Answer (Calvinism Is Not Biblical!)

Why I'm Not A Calvinist

A Lead Pastor Leaves Calvinism and Apologizes to the Congregation for Misleading Them and
Do You Really Believe God Is Sovereign?  (And you can google many more great videos on YouTube from Leighton Flowers at Soteriology 101)

Are Calvinists Saved?  (More great videos at Beyond the Fundamentals)

Dave Hunt Refutes Calvinism

Also here is a great 6-minute "satire" video we just found: "The Candid Calvinist", giving you a good idea of what Calvinists say vs. what they really mean.

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